Can’t Kill a Ghost

October sits in the chair. Now is the time for ghost stories… 

It has been a long time since tale has been told of The Ghost of Wrights, and in fact some may have assumed that we were figuratively dead. But as said best by Mr. Samuel Clemens, “Reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated.”  After all, one cannot kill a ghost.

            The third year of our existence as The Ghost of Wrights came and went with no fanfare. It passed like a gentle breeze amidst a near complete band stall out. In the three years since “Wisdom Gained” was written (the first official G.O.W. song) the band has continued to evolve and change on a semi-annual basis.

We began as an acoustic folk duo with Nate Nauseda on guitar and vocals, and Cody Franks on Appalachian Dulcimer.

This soon grew to a full five piece band with: Brian Calahan on guitar, saxophone, and vocals; Fordy Shoor on Bass; and Josh Bergeron on the drums.

That was we in our infancy. But in our musical youth we were bold. The boldness was enough to start building up steam. The haunting of The Ghost of Wrights had begun. Then came the first collapse after a year of gigging. We lost everyone except for the original duo.


Luckily after only a short hiatus we regrouped with the amazing Drew Martin on Bass, and Viking drum machine Brandon Otto on the skins of his fallen foes. We entered into a new stage of paranormal activity. The folk-rock sound we always had was now tempered with the smoky complexities of Jazz (100% the result of Drew’s addition to the band). The drums became deliciously heavy under the hard rock energy of Mr. Otto. It was what I can only dub, Ghost-Rock. After almost a year of the new set up we were ready to head into the studio.

Unfortunately, and unavoidably, Brandon had to leave the band. I’d like to believe that no mortal band was fit to contain the pure Norse fury of Brandon Otto in full on berserk drum mode. On the day of Ragnarok, I know who will be manning the war drums…


We trudged ahead with what was already recorded and mostly finished a short EP, that will be available maybe some day at the flea-market at a shady fold away card table; amongst ceramic kittens, bootleg DVDs of “PaycheckI”, starring “Bin Afleeck”, and crappy kids meal premiums from the 90’s… Or more likely on the Internet.


We were adrift for a while, but by June we had somehow tapped Spider-Man to provide percussion for us. We had to license him from Marvel, and that wasn’t cheap. His spider sense and enhanced agility made him perfect to pull the band back into a more “poppy” realm, while still maintaining our folksy roots, and jazzy sophistication.

Once again though, all was not to be. The rising costs of legal fees derived from damages to venues caused by frequent attacks by super villains mid-set at our shows, coupled with the already mentioned licensing fees… Mr. Parker chose to leave the band. It was probably for the best, as it was already hard enough for him to juggle his hero occupation and his job as a photographer for the Bugle.

This appeared to be another great setback. It was at this time that the third anniversary passed by unnoticed.

Then, out of deep in the demonstration forest came the thumping rhythm of rock and roll drums. A wild man of the forest, Sean Niemann, lives to rock and roll. It has been theorized by some crypto zoologists that he is in fact “more drum than man”; this of course is not true. It’s really only more like 45%.   Joking aside, Sean brings the band back to a more danceable rock rhythm, but once again keeps us in our Ghost-Rock paradigm.


We have been very busy these last few months. Honing our skills, and sharpening our tunes to surgical precision. We have been under the tutelage of a wise hobo we found down by the railroad tracks

(seriously he has some really great advice. Such as, “Decide your own life, don’t let another person rule you”, and” try to stay clean, and boil up whenever possible.”, and “Let me out of this damned box!” words to live by.)  Our hard toil and sacrifice has paid off…


We’re back baby!  With new material, and a new redefined sound. If you haven’t heard us in a while, then you haven’t heard The Ghost of Wrights!  Come out to The Milk Bar in San Francisco on Wednesday November 6th at 8:00pm to welcome us back and hear us again for the first time.

 We will be playing with  Bear Lincoln, and The Wyatt Act.  Click the links to check them out! Go here to RSVP on line and get in free! otherwise it’s $5. 

You can also get a taste of what we have been up to these last few months on our new soundcloud

Don’t forget to catch up on The Ghost of Wrights Classics at our Bandcamp.   

As always, 

live, love, rock.

-Ezekiel Barn Raiser

Carl Sagan

You are all made of stars…

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here are some thoughts on Love from the expert. 

Just a little Ween to brighten up your day. 

A couple of weeks ago we sat down with music reporter Scott Morley of Santa Cruz’s staple weekly entertainment magazine Good Times and gave a little interview. Here it is! Remember to come out and see us this Friday with A Yawn Worth Yelling, and Cartoon Bar Fight  at The Crepe Place in Santa Cruz! 

A guitar string under a microscope. 

A guitar string under a microscope. 

Here is a film about sentient self propelled books that we were tasked with scoring the music for… Enjoy! 

Let your body and spirit go…